Books are a must have for book lovers, but free books are even better. So I’ve decided to bring you, my readers, a weekly page the is nothing but free reads. Once you download them for free you get to keep them for free. So download away and read a good book. 

This Weeks Freebie Reads:
1.) “No Flowers Required” by Cari Quinn 

Genre: Erotic Romance

From a USA Today bestselling author comes a tantalizing read: As a corporation threatens foreclosure on her flower shop, Alexa distracts herself with handyman Dillon James. Little does she know that he’s the heir to the same corporation that’s out to get her!

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2.) “Reckless Longing” by Gina Robinson 

Genre: New Adult Romance

Though Ellie has been forced to build walls around her heart, her tough exterior evaporates after she meets sexy baseball star Logan. But they each have dark secrets that threaten to stop their blossoming relationship in its tracks…

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3.) “Kara’s Wolves” by Becca Jameson

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Best friends and wolf shifters Justin and Trevor are determined to share everything — including their perfect mate. Their hearts are set on human Kara, but a sinister stalker also wants to lay claim to her…

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4.) “Breathless” by Scott Prussing

Genre: Paranomal Romace

An intoxicating paranormal romance with over 200 five-star reviews on Amazon! When Leesa’s new boyfriend reveals a dangerous secret, her fascination with vampires turns into something much more real…

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5.) “Death by Honeymoon” by Jaden Skye

Genre: Crime Fiction

It was Cindy’s dream honeymoon… until all her nightmares came true. When her husband dies mysteriously, the cops call it a freak accident — but Cindy’s own investigation could reveal shocking truths.

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These are the five freebies I picked check back next week for more!