With the amount of review requests coming through I’ve decided to take on a couple new book reviewers. These wonderful ladies love to read as much as I do and they understand that a book is a writers baby. Below is the reviewers for this site, including myself, and the genres each of us individually like to read. When a book review request is sent in and accepted it will be given to a reviewer who seems most suited to review it. Unless a author specifies a certain reviewer they want on the request form. We all review by the same guidelines, beliefs, and understandings. Whoever a book is reviewed by will be included in the finished live review at the bottom of the individual review.

** Kristin H: Blog Author of “After Dark Reading Nook” and publishes the Author Interviews. She reviews the following genres: Romance (of any sub-genre), Erotica , Paranormal/Supernatural, YA (is any sub-genre), Crime and Organized Crime Thrillers, Dystopia, Mystery, Drama and Children’s.

** Keishan: Book Reviewer. She reviews the following genres: Romance of any sub-genre, Paranormal, Crime Thrillers, Mystery, and Erotica.

** Sammie: Book Reviewer. She loves to read and review the following genres: Romance (and of most sub-genres), Erotica, Paranormal/Supernatural, Thrillers, Mystery, Dystopia, Young Adult.

** Amanda: Book Reviewer & Fellow Book Review Blogger. she prefers the following genres: Dystopia, Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance.

** Ojo: Book Reviewer: She is a student at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria as a Archaeology major. She loves to read. Preferred Genres: Epic Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

**Thomasina: Book Reviewer: She’s a book lover with a deep appreciation for a variety of genres. Preferred Genres: a Romance (of any sub-genre including Erotica), Self-Help, Crime Thrillers, Horror, YA Dystopian. 

**Veena: Book Reviewer/Book Blogger: A Cup of Coffee and a Fairytale Preferred Genres: Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Non-Fiction (Politics, History and Religion), Science, Short Stories, Biographies/Memoirs, Contemporary Fiction.