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          About the Book:

No one has ever returned from Skur. “It’s a death quest,” Fane is told, but this altruistic, starry-eyed young man chose to ignore the legends, for according to the wizard Fith, hidden among the wealth of treasure atop the mountain of Skur is the key to eternal life. Can Fane hope to steal it from under the nose of its guardian dragon? Armed with a little more than a sword and a magical talisman, Fane’s misadventures upon the mist-enshrouded mountain begin. In this epic saga of love, betrayal, war, vengeance, and friendship, we follow him the pawns who are shrewdly manipulated in an attempt to save a dying race within a celestial game of dominance. It’s survival of the fittest as the players are mercilessly maneuvered across the field, and these are their stories. Fane, the Wizards apprentice. Kael, the warrior. And Elva, the legacy.


            About the Author

Crossing genres with a subtle fusion of fantasy and realm, L.F. Falconer is the author of five novels and one collection of macrabre, short stories. Her work has appeared in various publications, both online and off. A fan of exploring the back roads, she lives in Northern Nevada with her husband, two senior dogs, and a ninja cat named Bodie.

              Author Interview

Q: What is the title of your book?
 A: The book is titled The Legacy of Skur, Volume One.

 Q: What is your book about?

 A: The Legacy of Skur is a bit of a rags-to-riches tale, which covers the life of a magical half-breed girl and her ascendency to the throne. It is an epic, dark fantasy, and when I say dark, I do mean dark, so readers, be forewarned—this is not a Disneyesque type of fairy tale. It does contain scenes of a mature nature and is not meant for young readers.

 Q: Why did you decide to write it?

 A: One of the prevailing adages among authors is “write the book you want to read.” So I did.

 Q: How did you get your book published?

 A: I self-published through a POD publisher, Outskirts Press.


Q: What types of readers will be interested in your book?

 A: Mature readers who enjoy character-based fantasy more on the dark side, who like getting swept up in fast-paced adventure and emotional upheaval, and who appreciate magical realism tend to make up the majority of my reading audience.


 Q: What is special about your book? What differentiates it from other books in the same category?  

 A: While magic and myth is a large part of the story, The Legacy of Skur focuses more on character than magic. The world it takes place in is readily visualized and easy for the reader to identify with, as are the characters involved. Also, there is my usual “story beneath the story” which adds a layer of depth to the narrative.  
Q: Have you published any other books? Do you plan to publish more?

 A: The Legacy of Skur, Volume One is the second book published in the Legacy series. The Vagabond’s Son, Prelude to a Legacy was published in 2014, and I hope to have The Legacy of Skur, Volume Two available early in 2016. An offshoot of the Legacy series are, Hope Flies on Broken Wings, and Hope Rises from the Ashes, a medieval love story about a middle class girl who falls in love with a lower class fisherman before she becomes the possession of an upper class knight. My list of titles also includes: Exit Strategy, and Through a Broken Window, Ten Dark Tales of the Strange and Deranged.