Author interviews help your readers get to know you. It also can help you establish a wider audience that hasn’t yet been tapped into. You don’t have to bare your soul, but talking a little about yourself as an author can do wonders in getting your name out there. Read on to see how it all works and then if you want to request a interview fill out the form at the bottom.

After you fill out the form we will review it and establish contact to the email you provide us with. In the email we will cover anything you may need to know and more.

Interviews that accompany book reviews will only be published when the book review is completed, but if the interview isn’t accompanying a book review it will appear when we update the site. Site updates happen more than once a week and we can notify you when your interview is live while also providing you with the link.

Anything else you need to know such as information and instructions will be emailed to you when we conduct you upon approval.