Need a book review? You’ve came to the right place. We love to read here and can’t wait to discover new authors that get us hooked to their books. Requesting a book review is easy. Just read how the process works and then at the bottom is the request form. Fill out the form and we will be in contact with you as soon as we can.

After you fill out the form and we have decided to accept your book to be reviewed we will send you an email telling you that your book has been accepted. It’s a good idea to have the files, information and any other things that are needed for a review.

What you will need:

A copy of your book (we accept ePub, Mobi, PDF and paperback. Digital copies of books are cheaper so it’s a good idea to consider that format before paperback. Which format you send is up to you.)

Image file of your book cover (Readers like to a photo of what they are reading about. It helps them identify your book later on when they are shopping for a new read.)

Buy links, website, and author pages (if you want to send these I will add them to the end of the review to help promote you and your work.)

Remember, everything we offer here is free. We love books, we love to read, and we support authors.

If you have a specific reviewer you want to read and review your book you can let us know on the request form. It’s not guaranteed that reviewer will accept your book, but if they don’t another reviewer might and we will let you know if this happens so you can approve of another reviewer doing the review.

We no longer are reviewing on a star rating system. Now our reviews will appear written with how we honestly felt about the book. This isn’t a big change to how we reviewed before just the stars are not being used. We felt this was a better way to go so we don’t have to give lower stars on books we didn’t like and can just write our review while being respectful to our authors.