Setting up a blog can seem as hard as brain surgery. Being armed with a little basic knowledge and knowing what you’ll be blogging about can make a world of difference. Since I book blog then I’ll be covering that. 
Book blogging is more than book reviews, but that’s the heart and souls of it. So to successfully set up your blog to handle reviews you’ll need basic pages. Basic pages are three pages to start you out and ten you can add as many as you wish once you see what direction your book blog is headed. Let’s cover what pages you need.
About Page: This introduces you to the reader. Talk about anything you want your reader to know. If you read a lot, an aspiring writer, or if you can eat ten meatballs at once.

Contact Page: There is always a chance someone will have a question so this page is there to handle that. Let your reader know your social links and add a form instead of handing out your email to the world. A great place to make a fast, free and east form is Wufoo. 

Review Policy Page: This page explains how you review and rate books you read. Let authors and readers know what genres you accept for reviews. If you aren’t accepting review requests post it here and update when the need arises. If your not sure what you want to write on this page then do your research by surfing fellow book bloggers. Make sure not to copy their work and be original by creating your own. This page needs a form also for request for book reviews to be sent to you. Authors get tired of sending email after email. 

These three pages are enough to get you started for now. Also they make your page look nice and more professional. Get started doing your research and deciding what you’ll put on each page.
Check back next week and see what I have to say about free book blogger resources.