First, I must say for the record that I was blown away by the talent that this author, Augustine Sam, displayed in this book. It isn’t just the writing style, but the way the author selectively words the story  making it all flow amazingly smooth. 
It’s a mystery thriller that peaked my interest when I was provided the description. Once I had read what it was exactly about I couldn’t wait to dig my books into it.

I found, while reading, that the author had carefully developed a complex plot that captures the readers attention fully on page one. Descriptive details in the story are amazingly vivid than in other books I’ve read in similar genres. 

If I had to choose one thing I liked the most about this book I would have to say that it’s the fact that it is a unique story. I didn’t once feel as though I had read it, or heard about it before. 

Recommending this book is the easiest decision I’ve ever made hands down. Anyone can easily be sucked in loosing time while reading this brilliant book. Thriller book lovers will be left speechless after reading this one. 

I was provided an ARC copy of this book by the author for my honest review.

Reviewer: Kristin

Pick up your copy released on September 30th, 2015