Book Description:
Kendall Jennings usual work is fluff magazine pieces, but when a terrifying mass killing occurs, she’s the one with the survivor exclusive, and the go-to reporter for the crime.
Detective Lance O’Grady and his partner are concluding the open and shut case, when another horrific massacre occurs. Then another. How can evil strike so many times? And why do none of the killers have a violent profile?
Pulled inside the investigation, Kendall clashes with O’Grady even as she’s drawn to the aloof detective. Both will discover somebody’s sending a message, and if the meaning is not deciphered, soon many more will die.
Deadly Messengers, an unputdownable thriller, poses the question: Does a killer lurk inside everyone? The answer is more frightening than the crimes.

When I was offered “Deadly Messengers” to read in exchange for a review I was excited, but hesitant. I hoped that it wasn’t a thriller than had the same theme that had been already done. Once I began reading, I quickly realized it was a theme and story completely out of the box.

Susan May brings the book to life with her intense and suspensful descriptions. The scenes that contain the murders are so poetically written that the words just flow. When reading you can expect goosebumps.

The plot and story are complexed and constructive leaving the reader practically begging to know who done it. She shows her creativity and her talent for writing such vivid imagery in this spectacular written thriller. It absorbs the reader pulling them deeper into the book.

Susan May is without a doubt an author to follow. I have to recommend this must read to any reader.

Reviewer: Kristin

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