When I was first sent the book description “Azurite: Daughter of the Mountain Book One” by Megan Dent Nagle, to see if I was interested in reviewing it, I quickly found myself intrigued. Magic, imagination, fantasy and a twisting complex plot. I just couldn’t keep myself from wanting to see where the author would take the story and just exactly how it all would turn out. Because of my interest in just the mere description I had high hopes for this book and I wasn’t let down at all.

The author is remarkably talented and describes every detail in a well thought out story. She creates a fantasy world that yet seems so real to the reader. It was a read that kept me completely absorbed all the way through.

The main character, Zora, is easy to like and enjoyable. I found myself cheering her on at times. Megan Nagle is an amazing author who has potential to go far with her creativity and imagination. She weaves a story that books you in and doesn’t let go to the very last page, yet still by then wanting more.

This is a excellent start to a series and I’m sure Book Two will be just as great. I recommend this book to any reader who wants to get lost in another world for awhile and just escape.

I was provided a copy of this book by the author for my honest review.

Reviewer: Kristin

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