“Forbidden” by Marla Josephs is a romantic story after my own heart. A story that captures the girl next door image wonderfully for the character Savina. Savina is a very relatable character for me in this story as she has so many over protective brothers and is the only daughter. Personally, I could feel the love, mothering and irritation she had at times for her siblings as I am the exact same with three brothers of my own while being the only daughter.

You never know where love will turn up. That was something that struck me while reading. In Savina and Shelton’s case it turns up when he becomes her landlord after her father rents the upstairs at Shelton’s for her. The pull and attraction Savina and Shelton felt for each other felt so natural to me. The way the drift from side ways glances on to friends and then forward was not the cliche it was it’s own. Marla Josephs was very careful and well thought out this story to keep it so simple, but not ending up with the run of the mill cliche.

“Forbidden” is a light romance that will even pull out a few laughs along the way. I couldn’t help but to roll laughing at the assumption Shelton made of all the males Savina had following her around while not knowing about her brood of dominating brothers. I even felt the embarrsment when he felt the need to confront her out of fear for her safety and jealousy that he poorly hidden. 

With the story centering around the two main characters it makes for a lovely and realistically written story. The way they bond over food and television reminded me of my own current relationship. I even felt the awkward moments they had since they are moments every new founded friendship has between opposite sexes who are secretly attracted  to each other.
This is the second book I have read written by Marla Josephs. It is also the second book in The Reluctant series. The author writes this story beautifully and doesn’t disappoint at all. She grasps the realistic sides of the story and runs with it. I recommend this book and encourage it as a book to read over a weekend so there is no worries of being disturbed. 

I was provided a copy of this book by the author for my honest review.

Reviewer: Kristin
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Another Reviewer @ After Dark Reading Nook’s Thought on “Forbidden” by Marla Joseph’s

“Forbidden” by Marla Josephs is a book that I deeply enjoyed. It was a very fast paced detailed read that kept me wanting to turn each page faster to the next. I just couldn’t wait until I made it to the next page to see what was going to happen next. 

The author did a very wonderful job of describing each character and putting them in realistic situations ones that could happen to anyone anywhere. I suggest anyone that likes a great fast paced exciting read to check out this book. Just make sure that you have a few hours free since you will not put this one down.

Reviewer: Keishian