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Upon reading “The Gift Knight’s Quest” by Dylan Madeley, I felt as though I was having conflicted feelings. Having never read anything written by this author until now, I dove in with an open mind.

At first, I felt pulled into the book and deeply interested. The author, Dylan Madeley, is a very talented writer and has a way of describing detail. Dylan Madeley is very imaginative and through out the book readers can see how much of his talent with words makeup the book. The main characters, Chandra and Derek, were so well described in depth, I felt as though I personally knew them. The book fascinated me at times with murder, suicide, and historical medieval fantasy that made the book what it is.

Although the descriptive depths the author went soon turned out to be very wordy and dragged on in various sections of lengthy passages. There seemed to be a lot of flashbacks and switching between people. This caused me to have a hard time focusing and keeping interest.

I have to say there was a lot of action, but it at times was slowed down considerably because of long winded passages.  Toward the end I felt more engrossed and then at the main end was left dangling with a cliffhanger. The ending is written as though there will be another book, or maybe even a series even though this book is a stand alone book. So the author left himself options with what to do next.

I would recommend this to readers who are deeply pulled in by fantasy. Or even those who would enjoy a fantasy novel set in Medieval times circling a lot around politics.

I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This review is my honest opinion and thoughts.